• wyvting8

12nd Q on Dec - understanding autor’s idea

That’s the question about art appreciation. The emergence of artwork itself is based on the creator’s perspective towards certain issues, ideas or feelings, either intentionally or unconsciously. Through a careful selection of materials or arrangement during every step of art creation, creator’s philosophy were embedded into the artwork. For example, why creator choose these images, such materials, such processing methods, the series of presentations, so on.

How the meaning is established is based on what context the work provides as a reference for understanding the work. At the same time, we can trace its artistic and cultural origin on every parts of the work. If there are some images or graphics in the work, it implies some meaning in the surrounding society and culture. Through the clues provided by the creator, we can connect and reconstruct the ideas and meanings that the creator intends to present.

Therefore, reading art requires a certain degree of artistic knowledge, historical development, understanding creator’s thinking, and the understanding of the conventional meaning of art under different social situations.


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