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This is a very interesting question, thank you.

I know very little about AI intelligence and robot technology and so the “when” question really gets me. According to the researchers from Future of Humanity Institute, Oxford University and Department of Political Science, Yale University, AI is likely to outperform humans within half a century. But many scientists argue that automation may not necessarily take over our job opportunities, but require us to shift the focus of our skills and learn to manage various networks of AI data.

I am not entirely sure how our future is going to be. But it is a nice thought in considering whether spending more times on art will make us happier. I don’t think I can give you an answer here. Because art makes you happy when you really into it.

However, we can see this statement – “spending more time on art will make people happy” in a more liberal manner. Joseph Beuys once said, “Every human being is an artist, a freedom being, called to participating in transforming and reshaping the conditions, thinking and structures that shape and inform our lives.” Beuys redefines what artist does and art-making means. He considers artists as people who do things that will bring new inspirations to our lives. This means that no matter an individual is building bricks, cooking, or managing a shop, s/he can be considered as an artist when the work strives for excellence, pushes new boundaries, and/or provide new alternatives.

Following this line of thinking, art is about doing something we love, and devote ourselves into it. Perhaps we should not wait for the new age of AI technology, but try to bring “art” into our daily life. Can you find ways to do that?


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