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答客問/十月01/Sparkle in Oi!

Component of Oil

According to Oi!’s page, its mission statement had shown how it “ignite” and “sparkle” art in communities. One key is collaboration. Hence we find many different creative groups are invited into different spaces of Oi! for projects. The challenge is “community”, as the same as “public”, sometime is equivocal under the art context. Is there relevant and concrete community those projects are referring to ?

Other spaces for such fuel

According to HK Arts Development Council’s “Overview of Cultural Venues Available for Hiring in Hong Kong”, there are around 44 tiny and decent exhibition venues (i.e. those where we may find visual art events). 13 out of that 44 are managed by LCSD. I think those venues have offered different art events and some of them shall be in respond to their communities. For instance, 1A space, HK House of Stories, Green Wave Art and Arttogether. However I don't think those “sparkle” non-removable in regard to fast-changing society. Beside “sparkle” implies ““temporality”. It echoes the trend of public art globally: temporality, improvising and contextual specific. Hence I think there are only a few of permanent spaces but many temporary spaces.

Keep sparkle alive

For me, do keep the sparkle alive means keep igniting. As “Sparkle” implies “temporality”, hence it is significant to enhance various sparkles in different places rather than sustain one source for those sparkles. For instance, various tiny art showcase projects initiated by individuals (e.g. PRÉCÉDÉE, A3 shop, wall spaces in ACO bookshop). Besides Art Promotion Office often facilitates public art installation or exhibition inside different governmental buildings. Futhermore many district councils where art organisations are located (e.g. Wan Chai, Kowloon City) often work with different art organisation for events in their communities. It show that there are a least two ways: 1) any art organisation collaborate with their corresponding district councils; 2) Personally, I keep my diverse interests (e.g. visual art, movies) in order to “ignite” various “sparkles”

(Jeff Leung, art critic)


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